Your office or business flooring gets some serious footfall from clients, colleagues, and customers. And although a busy workplace is a productive workplace, the wear and tear on the floors can start to show. 

Perhaps you’ve taken over a commercial property that’s crying out for a new look, or it has come to your attention that the floors at work are not only shabby but downright dangerous, and you’ve been tasked with choosing new floors. Let’s explore the top benefits a new floor can offer your business. 

  1. Boost morale

Your staff spends hours of their working week in and out of the office or commercial space. No wonder it can feel dated after a while. If the flooring is in bad condition, it can lower the mood, day in, day out. Send the message that you care about the staff and their working environment and inject some fresh energy into the workspace. It can boost morale and motivate people when the workplace gets a makeover, making staff feel valued.

  1. Impress clients

Do you cringe every time a client steps foot into your reception area? Do you hope that they won’t notice the scuffs and scratches? First impressions count, and flooring goes a long way towards determining what kind of image you are projecting. Do your floors say ‘style’ and ‘function’, or ‘shabby’ and ‘dated’? Let your new floors show the world that you’re a professional company to be taken seriously.

  1. Health benefits

Did you know that flooring can have hypoallergenic benefits? Laminate is known for its positive effect on health, as it doesn’t trap dust or any other contaminants. You can drastically reduce pathogens from the office, decrease the risk of allergies, and improve air quality with your flooring choice. Also, damaged flooring, no matter how many times you clean it, harbors germs and bacteria that people drag in on their shoes. New floors make for a much more hygienic workplace. 

The decision to replace floors is great news for your colleague’s overall health and will save you thousands in the long run. Many people choose laminate or vinyl because it’s so easy to keep clean and fresh. 

  1. Safety

Apart from being unsightly, ripped or damaged flooring can in fact be dangerous. Ask any health and safety officer and they’ll tell you that the likelihood of slip/ trip/ fall accidents in the workplace dramatically increases if there is loose carpeting or ripped flooring. High heels are also renowned for getting caught in damaged flooring, which is a hazard. 

This trip risk due to old, damaged flooring in an office or commercial space can lead to serious injuries among your staff, absences, and even lawsuits. 

Decisions, decisions…

With so many flooring options and styles to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is best for your commercial business. It’s time to weigh up your unique business needs and consider the function and purpose of the space. Does your business have a high footfall? What are the day-to-day activities? What image do you want to portray? It’s a good idea to involve your staff in the flooring choices since they know the daily run of the space, and what colors or shades they prefer. 

Each commercial space has its own flooring needs. For example, a restaurant needs flooring that’s practical, durable, and easy to clean – this explains why many opt for laminate or waterproof vinyl. On the other hand, corporate boardrooms, high-end stores, and retail outlets often prioritize aesthetics and go for tile or hardwood floors.

Why not get in touch to discuss your commercial flooring needs? We have an extensive choice of styles to suit all budgets, as well as the expertise and experience to guide you towards the choice that makes the most sense for your business.