So, you’re tired of looking at those scuffed old floors and you’re ready to commit to new flooring. Not so fast! With a dazzling array of flooring options, not to mention colors and styles, before you plow ahead with your flooring upgrade, take the time to weigh which floor is right for you. 

It’s important to factor in your lifestyle before you invest time and money into flooring. So, let’s take a look at which floors suit you best. Are you…

A Pet Lover?

Now, we heard that there was the pitter-patter of tiny feet in your house, and boy that’s a cute fur baby you’ve got there. But as you now realize, pet hair, nails, and those accidental spills are weighing heavily on your poor floors.

We recommend:
Any smart pet owner recognizes that Laminates are a super option. Inexpensive and easy to install, you’ll have more time and money to spend on your four-legged friend. Most brands offer advanced scratch and dent resistance technology, and some even offer splash-proof and waterproof coatings.

The Stylish One?

If you’re houseproud, you like to present your home looking its best -especially if the in-laws are on their way over! You love nothing more than to entertain – sometimes for business, sometimes for pleasure – but always to impress. Hey, sometimes it’s a stylish dinner party, and sometimes it’s beers and barbeque, but either way, your home is known to wow people, from the first step through the door.

We recommend:
If style is important to you, tile is the way to go. Not only are they luxurious, but because they’re easy to keep clean and they last for many years, your home will look fresher for longer. Of course, Hardwood floors are sure to dazzle, and this is a flooring option that will always be in vogue.

A Beach Babe?

Here in the Sunshine State, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by the most beautiful beaches and coastline, and we can’t get enough of it. The only trouble is that our floors pay the price when we bring home half of the beach with us. Even when we dust off our shoes at the door, the sand seems to sneak in on our clothes and bags. Over time, the tiny abrasive sand particles leave their mark – you’ll notice the scrapes and scratches on the floors and start to wonder when you can replace them.

We recommend:
In order to cope with sand and water in the home, we recommend waterproof luxury vinyl. It’s durable, made of the latest technology, and comes in a huge choice of styles.

The Family Guy?

We see you juggling there, cleaning up those spills, and the washing machine and dishwasher on a permanent cycle. Hang in there, family guy. A word to the wise: it’s clever to invest in a floor that’s going to be OK when under attack from juice spills and pasta splats.

We recommend:
We know that waterproof flooring is going to be a lifesaver in your busy home. Easy to clean, practical, and with lots of variety in shades, it’s a no-brainer for family living.

Talk to the experts

Life is complicated, and we don’t always fit into boxes. Maybe you can relate to all of these lifestyle types, none of them, or a combination. Perhaps you’ve seen a flooring style in a magazine or friend’s house, but don’t know how to replicate it. Or are you ready to rip up those old floors and put your own stamp on your home but worried about how much it is all going to cost?

Well, if you’re keen to start your flooring makeover journey, let’s talk. You have flooring experts at your fingertips who are happy to help, offer free estimates, and always keep the prices affordable.