Does this scenario sound familiar? You’re lying in the bathtub after a long hard day, and when you open your eyes, you can’t help but notice the cracks in the bathroom wall tiles. No matter how much you clean them, they always look grimy. And that floor is far from appealing since the burst pipe last year. It’s time to get out of the bath, but be careful! Don’t get the floor wet, it’s already curling at the edges.  

And do you cringe when a visitor asks to use your guest bathroom? Those tired tiles are outdated, the pattern is faded. Or perhaps stepping onto that linoleum is like stepping into a time warp.
It sounds like your bathroom needs a flooring makeover. You’re spoiled for choice, so what options are best for bathrooms? Let’s step towards our bathroom flooring favorites.


Tiles are a classic choice for bathrooms, and their durability makes them so popular. Once installed, tiles are a bathroom flooring option that you and your guests will admire for many years to come. That’s because they’ll withstand the wear and tear of this high traffic room, and won’t crack easily.
Of course, there are an array of options: plain, patterned, shapes, colors, porcelain, ceramic, wood-look, stone-look, marble, or travertine-look. Many dismiss tiles as an expensive option. However, the good news is that tiles are more affordable than you think. It may surprise you to learn that the Flooring Liquidator’s economy range tiles start at $1.49, and most of the high-quality porcelain tiles range from $2 to $4 per square foot. Pretty great when you consider that you’ll be enjoying them for a long time!

Waterproof vinyl

Let’s face it, the bathroom is the most likely place in your home to cope with splashes and spillages. Fear not, there is a bathroom flooring option that can withstand anything you throw at it. A top choice for bathroom floors is the resilient and stylish waterproof vinyl. Spills and water leakages? No problem.
It’s all to do with the PVC core, with a vinyl layer top. That’s what makes the waterproof flooring impermeable, making it a fantastic option in bathrooms or anywhere susceptible to flooding. If your home is a busy place with kids and pets, you’re going to be glad you’ve gone for this option.
There is a range of styles to choose from, easy to install, and it’s an economical option also. Waterproof laminates range from $2 to $4 per square foot.

Time for a bathroom makeover

So, next time a guest uses your bathroom, make sure you don’t dread them opening the bathroom door. Instead, be proud to show off your new bathroom floors. And next time you relax in a bathtub, make sure you’re surrounded by elegant new flooring. It’s time to give your bathroom the flooring it deserves.

Too much choice?

With such a tremendous selection, it can be tough to choose. Don’t panic, helping you is our passion. Our flooring team has over 30 years of experience in the flooring business, and our goal is to give you the highest quality at the best price in Pinellas county. Just visit us and we can get started on planning the bathroom flooring of your dreams, and leave that nightmare flooring behind!