When it comes to flooring, hardwood floors are hard to beat…no pun intended. The warmth and aesthetic appeal that hardwood floors offer are certainly appealing. But sometimes, the costs and maintenance requirements may not be. That’s especially true if you have pets and kids who can cause significant wear and tear on a flooring. Or if you live in humid climates, like those in Florida in the summer!

Fortunately, other great flooring options exist that allow you to keep that awesome hardwood flooring look without all the hassles. From laminate to tile, to even vinyl, modern flooring alternatives are available that look just like hardwood flooring. And at the same time, they often offer other advantages like durability, lower costs, and better climate tolerance. If the look of hardwood is appealing to you, then exploring these other options is certainly worth consideration.

Four Great Options for Faux Wood Flooring

At Flooring Liquidators, we know flooring. From hardwood flooring to newer faux wood alternatives, we can help you understand the pros and cons of all of them. Over the last several years, we have seen an increased interest in faux wood flooring alternatives. And for good reason! The quality, look, and affordability of these faux wood flooring options have improved greatly over the last decade. The following thus offers an overview of what each type has to offer.
  • Engineered Faux Wood Laminate Flooring When considering laminate flooring, this option is a great choice if you’re looking to mimic real hardwood appeal. In fact, engineered wood laminate flooring is composed of thin layers of real wood glued together in a perpendicular fashion. This promotes stability while guaranteeing a real wood look. This flooring is then finished in a hard-acrylic finish to enhance its durability. In terms of its advantages over real hardwood flooring, engineered wood laminate flooring is more durable and easier to maintain. It can also be cut in a variety of patterns and sizes. Though one of the more expensive faux wood flooring options, it remains less expensive than hardwood.
  • Plastic Faux Wood Laminate Flooring Plastic faux wood laminate flooring does not have any real wood components. However, it does provide an exceptional real wood look. At its center is a resin-saturated fiberboard that is then surrounded by a layer of melamine and woodgrain print. And finally, these layers are then covered in a clear, hard, plastic finish. These features give plastic wood laminate its natural wood look as well as its profound durability. In comparison to engineered wood laminate, plastic wood laminate is much less costly since it does not contain real wood. And it remains low maintenance and easy to clean while still offering a very natural hardwood look. And like all laminate flooring, the cost of installation is very reasonable, especially when compared to hardwood flooring installation. For these reasons, plastic faux wood laminate flooring has become quite popular.
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Believe it or not, luxury vinyl flooring has come a long way. Not only does this type of flooring look like hardwood flooring, but it also offers variety. Luxury vinyl comes in several different colors and patterns, and it is offered in both tiles or 2-inch boards. Despite being frowned upon as a style of flooring in decades past, luxury vinyl plank flooring has become a great option in the right setting. As you might expect, luxury vinyl plank flooring is much easier on your wallet than hardwood and other faux wood flooring types. But at the same time, its durability is comparable to laminate flooring, which means it can handle heavy traffic if needed. Likewise, luxury vinyl is also easy to clean and maintain, and it often comes with extended warranties. All of these features, along with its vast improvement in wood-like appearance, make luxury vinyl plank flooring another good option.
  • Ceramic Tile Faux Wood Flooring Tile is often a great flooring choice, and today, ceramic tile options offer several faux wood looks. For one, ceramic faux wood tiles come in both matte and glossy finishes, and a variety of different wood patterns have been etched in the tile’s finish from which to choose. At the same time, ceramic tile comes in different sizes and shapes so that you can design a unique hardwood floor appearance if desired. Like all ceramic tile, faux wood tiles are certainly durable and easy to clean. And at the same time, ceramic tile is more tolerant of water and humidity than other flooring styles. In addition, today’s ceramic tile flooring is less expensive than luxury laminate and real hardwood floors. Especially in Florida, ceramic tile offers another great option in creating a stylish faux wood look.


Still Have Questions? Let Us Help!

Having a number of options in faux wood flooring is wonderful in meeting different preferences and needs. But sometimes, making a decision can be challenging when trying to decide which choice is best. If you would like a hardwood flooring look without the price, maintenance, and hassle, you certainly have many faux wood flooring selections from which to choose. And at Flooring Liquidators, we are always happy to help answer any questions you may have to help you make your decision.
Come by for a visit and check out all the faux wood flooring styles available. We are certain you will find the right flooring type for your specific situation and needs.